Vouchers can be a lovely way to introduce someone to massage. Sometimes friends and family don’t have the time or money to receive regular massage so this gift will make a real difference to them.

Simply enter in your details and receipts name and a voucer will be emailed to them immediately or a date of your choosing in the future (i.e Birthday).

Please note that vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and are only valid for Cotham Chiropractic Clinic



Massage Testimonials

  • My work is extremely physically demanding so being and keeping healthy is extremely important. I have regular massage as part of keeping healthy and easing the knots and aches in my shoulders and back. Ben is so good at massage I call him magic hands!

    Construction Engineer
  • “I was in a massive amount of pain. My neck and back muscles had gone into spasm and no amount of drugs seemed to increase my movement. Thanks to Ben I have made a full recovery after a very thorough assessment of my injuries and brilliant treatment . I didn’t realise how powerful deep tissue massage could be. I’m back at work and feeling pain free”

    Media Consultant
  • “I was trying for the ‘Tough Guy’ and I came in to see Ben at C1 for some sports massage therapy to help with my training. When I came to see him I had shin-splints, some foot pain and plantar fasciitis. After a few treatments these were resolved and I completed the Tough Guy with a personal best. For my next challenge I signed up for my first ever marathon, the Brighton marathon. I kept coming to see Ben during the training and I ran the race in under 4 hours. Without regular treatment I would never have broken the 4 hour barrier; never have run the race as quickly as I did and never have enjoyed it as much. So, what’s next?”

  • “Ben really knows his stuff, continually learning and developing his knowledge I would highly recommend his sports massage and acupuncture treatments to gain results in an effective and supportive way. Personally I book with Ben every month to keep my body in the best shape and avoid any injuries to allow me to race and be active which I love. Professionally it is key my body is strong for my work, and if I am away I will refer my clients to Ben who are happy to see him, which is great. If you are looking for a good sports therapist who will improve your conditions and performance, book Ben.”

    Kim Ingleby- Energised Performance