“I came to see Ben as I have had shin splints for the past 15 years. X-rays and examinations revealed no obvious structural problems so I had to manage the pain on a daily basis. I play a lot of sport from running, football and am a keen walker so the pain and discomfort was always there and something I had learnt to live with. Previous massage had helped ease the pain but eventually they would return back to there old self’s. I had five sessions with Ben and now I can honestly say my shins are the best they have been for years! I noticed a difference after each session too bad I’m off to Australia.”

Software Engineer

“I had a car accident in April 2008 and experienced whiplash of medium severity.  I had a series of sessions with Ben over the course of the next few months, in tandem with physiotherapy treatment.  Ben seemed to instinctively know the root of the problem and was able to ease the pain and make me feel more comfortable doing all the normal things I was used to before the accident.  Having massage from Ben sped up my recovery and I now go once in a while even if I’m not injured as it’s such a relaxing thing to do!”

Environment Agency